The legend regarding the origin of the countries-older temple also contains an ancient tradition of centuries.

During the course of his journey from kailas to south in search of the regions containing the divine presence of Lord Shiva, the great saint named ‘Vyakhrapadan’ , while visiting this place in a new moon day, got the wonderful vision of an unnatural lusture. The place in which he saw the divine lusture even in the new moon day was named ‘VENPAKAL’ by him. Moreover, the great ascetic, in the midst of the divine radiance, saw the celestial performance of Shiva-parvathy dancing joyfully. The place made as a stage for the raturous dance of Shiva-Parvathy was called ‘ARANG’ by the saint and it is also disclosed by the ancients that ‘ARANG’ was converted itself into ‘ARANGAL’ in its time-lag. The legend concerning the origin of the temple reveals that the saint Vyakhrapadan has installed Shiva linga in the graceful spot of celestical dance and also submitted his spiritual adoration.The same place is adorned with the presence of the present ‘ARANGAL SHIVA TEMPLE’. The installed idols seem to have the appearance of calm disposition and cheerful expression because of the joyful nature of the dance of Shiva-Parvathy.Hence Shri Ganapathy,Shri Murugan and Shri Ayyappan,the children of the universal parents have also been installed in the adjacent places.

Several remarkable rituals such as Ganapathyhavanam, Propitiatory Pongala, Aiswarya Pooja,Swayamvararchana, Shashti Pooja, Ayyappa Pooja,Makaravilakku,Mandalapooja,Aayilya Pooja, Nagaroottu, Vidyarambham, Ashtamirohini Pooja, Vishu celebration, Vidyarajagopalarchana are followed here along with Shiva-Parvathy pooja for the accomplishment of divine-favour.


Major Arangal Sri Mahadeva Temple





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