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Dhanu-Thiruvathira Utsavam

Begining with the flag-hosting ceremony of Ganapathi Pooja during the day of Thiruvathira in the Malayalam month of Dhanu,the festival prolonging for a period of ten days is celebrated in this temple. Besides the variety entertainments in connection with the temple festival. Various devotional rituals like ‘Sarpabali’,’Utsavabali’,’Darsanam’,’Vidyarajagopalamantrarchana’,’Aiswaryapooja’,’Siva saharsa nama archana’ and ‘Anayoottu’ are also conducted here.The hunting attempt made by the Bhagavan to destroy the infected evil forces of this region, his consequent royal sleep and the holy bath conducted later are the most remarkable ceremonies in this temple. Innumerable worshipness from the whole regions participate in these ceremonies.

The following Pooja’s were performed During this festival


As a result of the cheerful dwelling of mahadevar with his wife,sri parvathy seems to be the source of divine radiance.Such a reason prompts several maidens to submit swayamvararchana,through which the experienced devotees assertain their matrumonial fortune.

Vidyaraja Gopalarchana

Hundreds of students are participating in the Vidyaraja Gopalarchana, conducted in connection with the festival. Participaton in this archana is considered to be an useful source of faith and experience to remove sluggishness in study.


Anayoottu is the most glourious ceremony among annadanam.Before the royal procession of bhagavan for holy bath, the splendid ceremony ‘Anayoottu’ is conducted in every year as a part of offering.

Aiyswarya Pooja

Several women from the various parts of this land participate in Aiswarya pooja conducted during festival days for the sake of enhancing the blaze of prosperity in families.

Thiruvathira Pooja

Special pooja and sivasahasranamarchana are submitted by women in all months on the day of Thiruvathira, the nata star of Mahadevan. This pooja has more importance in Dhanuthiruvathira festival


Mahashivarathri occurs in kumbha month of malayalam calendar. It is celebrated with special poojas. During Shivarathri thousand of devotees follow the devotional rituals of 108 circle, 301 circle, 501 circle and 1001 circle around the temple.It is known that this devotional ceremony exists only in Arangal Mahadeva Temple in kerala. Moreover several devotees, in the same day, conduct ‘Sayanapradakshinam’ in the temple.A pilgrimage, connecting the twelve shiva temples in neyyattinkara taluk is conducted which starts after the pooja in dawn and ends in arangal temple itself in night. The devotional ceremony named ‘Mahashivakshetra Prayanam’ is organized along with Shivarathri.


Medavishuoccurs in Meda month of malayalam calendar. Medavishu celebrations occupy to much importance in this temple. An enormous crowd of devotees can be there to see the ‘Kani’ arranged by the cheif adorer in the previous night. During this day devotees from the various places arrange kavadi, which is known as ‘Vishukavadi’ in this temple.


In the Arangal Mahadevar Temple, where the idol was installed by the same saint who had installed Vaikom mahadevan. This festival is celebrated in the ‘Vrischika’ month of malayalam calendar. The prasadamoottu called ‘Ashtamikanji’ hasbeen conducting in the day of vaikathashtami from the ancient time. It exists only in Arangal Mahadevar Temple among the neighbouring shiva temples.


Due to the presence of the idol of Sri Dharmasastha along with Mahadevan and Sri Parvathy,an enormous crowd of Ayyappa devotees insists this temple. Following the holy rituals such as ‘Malayidil’ and ‘Filling Irumudikettu’, several Ayyappa devotees conduct their sabarimala pilgrimage from here. Devotees submit ‘Chirap’ in all days in vrischika as a part of their devotional vow. Makaravilakku and Mandalapooja are celebrated in Arangla Temple with all special rituals.To book ‘Mandalachirapu’ in advance please contact us


After installing Ambadikannan in srikovil outside the little wall, in connection with the renovation of the temple ‘Ashtamirohni’ is celebrated with great rituals in every year.


Due to the divine presence of Sri Parvathy Aayudha pooja in every year and Vidyarambham in the day of Vijayadashami are organized in this temple. The names of children are registered as advance booking for Vidyarambam in Arangal Mahadevar Temple.

Ramayana Parayanam

Ramayana Parayanam is conducted in every morning and evening in all karkidam month of malayalam calendar


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